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  • Tan Corduroy Blazer by Rugby RL; Navy Turtleneck by JCrew; Herringbone Scarf by a Street Vendor; Dark Green Trousers by Topman; Yellow socks by Ralph Lauren; Tan Suede Tassel Loafers by Alden
  • youbroketheinternet: downeastandout: PTBs Great
  • Alden ravello shell cordovan chukkas
  • Alden 405 ALDEN/オールデン INDY BOOTS(405)/インディーブーツ
  • Boots
  • rag & bone, Alden
  • Alden Ravello Shell LWB my favs
  • nice throb (via horngry)
  • Alden Tassel Loafers - leather without the hosiery
  • Aldens and ankles
  • dress shoes, brown, wing tips, brogues.
  • mens fashion, jeans, fashion
  • With cold weather on its way - time to say goodbye to shoes with no socks until next year.
  • impressed